Regenerated – New alarm and help request

The creation of regenerated products always becomes complicated, creating difficulties that make them become alarming.

Based on a new restriction imposed by the REACH regulation, by February 2021 the limits of APEOS (ethoxylated alkylphenols) present in each sample must be equal to and not greater than 100 ppm.

This is a very low limit concentration compared to normal standards, which currently are around 300 ppm.
These limitations, however correct, create quite a few inconveniences in the production of regenerated yarns, since they are very difficult to reach limits, all the more reason with short times.

In an attempt to adapt in the best way to the new rules soon in force, we launch a request for help:
“That the institutions are able to get in touch with the Ministry of Economic Development, in order to request a variation of the minimum allowed limit, or even a very useful time extension.”


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