Growth and sustainability are what we want to stand out in, basing our strategies on the belief that ethics and profit cannot be in conflict, since there cannot be long-term economic development separate from social and environmental development.
By drawing inspiration and aligning ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to contributing to the generation of positive change globally, by taking on a clear environmental and social responsibility.

Environmental responsibility

FIL-3 S.R.L. aims to reduce the environmental impact resulting from its business by adopting an approach oriented towards monitoring and continuous improvement of performance, starting from compliance with current legislation with a constant focus on innovation and research and development.

In particular, with a view to reducing the environmental impact FIL-3 S.R.L. wants to constantly reduce the introduction of pollutants into production processes, and therefore into the environment, and ensure compliance with limits relating to the presence of chemical substances that are dangerous for man and the environment, increasingly restrictive on the processed product delivered to clients.

In full awareness that the implementation of sustainability objectives is only possible from a collaborative perspective, we constantly seek partnerships with entities that share the same values ​​of attention to the protection of the environment, of people as well as with an orientation towards innovation.

Social responsability

In the ethical and social field, FIL-3 S.R.L. undertakes to respect the rights of workers according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to respect the main conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), national legislation and the conditions provided for by national bargaining regarding:

  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • Child labor
  • Forced labor
  • Health & Safety
  • Prevention of any phenomenon of discrimination and abuse
  • Regularity and transparency in employment contracts, registration of working hours, payment of wages due

The company also undertakes to favor collaborative relationships with partners who pursue the same social objectives in compliance with applicable regulations.
The company therefore takes action to disclose all the contents of this policy within its organization, so that it is known and prosecuted at all levels. At the same time, all the tools for the disclosure of these purposes to external parties with whom the company comes into contact have been prepared. Mainly customers and suppliers, as they are directly linked to the manufacturing cycle, but also reference associations, communities and public institutions, to raise awareness of their attention to sustainability issues.

Our goals

  • Implement a chemical risk management system aimed at reducing the environmental impact deriving from the use of chemical substances harmful to humans and the environment in production processes and along the production chain, according to the state of advancement of technical knowledge on the subject, through the implementation of the MRSL ZDHC
  • Ensure constant monitoring and improvement of the quality of waste water directly and indirectly linked to our production
  • Inform and train employees on the activities carried out by the company in the field of sustainability through periodic meetings and meetings, in order to stimulate research and innovation
  • Search for legislative compliance by constantly addressing partners and suppliers who share the same strategic values and objectives, capable of responding to the increasingly challenging demands of the market
  • Adopt cutting-edge management techniques and tools aimed at continuously improving sustainability performance
  • Periodically sharing the results achieved and new improvement objectives defined with the stakeholders


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