ArteMia – a new collaboration for Fil-3

Fil-3 participates in the ArteMia project, an association of the territory active since 2008.

The plan concerns the creation of knitwear products, the proceeds of which will go towards the restoration of the façade of the Cathedral of Prato.

The project is headed by the diocese of Prato, and asks for the help of some of the best companies in the area to make quality products, such as Fil-3 spinning and FabriTex weaving.

Specifically, the yarn chosen to make these splendid garments is Prince, with colors and decorations that will recall the beauty of our Duomo.

Our aim, in making you participate in this initiative, is also to raise awareness among the numerous companies of Prato and invite them to participate in proposals of this type, in order to maximize the results to improve our already splendid city.

On Wednesday 10 November, a press conference will be held to describe this splendid journey.

We will keep you updated!