FILO 2020 – The dates of February and October

The dates of the next editions of Filo for the year 2020 are known:

  • The 53rd Edition will take place on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th February
  • The 54th Edition will be Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 October.

The fair will be held in MiCo – Milan Convention Center, with the possibility of expanding the trend area and a better reception for visitors.

Our battles seem to have finally achieved results.
We at Fil-3, and first and foremost our Technical Director and Sales Manager Giacinto Gelli, we have always fought to avoid the exasperated anticipations of the autumn fairs:

The fair must also be an exchange between those who propose and those who choose, and fantasy needs longer times, so we limit ourselves to showing our color charts and groping in the dark waiting for the choices.”

Giacinto Gelli, interviewed by La spola.

We hope it is the beginning of a change encouraging and purposeful.