Spring / Summer 2021 – Let’s find out more!

Our new Spring / Summer 2021 collection features well-known yarns, such as Burano and Fancy, nylon and viscose bouclè, or Diamond, one of our most popular combs, but also totally new yarns to be discovered, such as Koala and Bamboo.
Koala is in pure tencel, with a characteristic sponge effect, while Bamboo is born from the harmony of linen and tencel.
And again, among the most popular we can list Linum26 and Linum Jaspè, in very pure linen, which however remain among the first choices of our customers, while among the New Entry we find Radioso and Estro.
What do all our yarns have in common?
Fantasy, vivacity, lightness and eco-sustainability, suitable for every need, born from the encounter between tradition and innovation.