From the timeless classic to the new trend

Among the most emblematic items, the “Fishanda” undoubtedly stands out, a 100% virgin wool yarn. With its unsurpassed quality and versatility of use, the fishanda has earned a prominent place.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The new “Madame”, with its NM 2/48 classification, has captured the attention of professionals. This yarn represents the embodiment of sophistication and elegance, offering an unparalleled knitting experience. Its impeccable consistency makes it ideal for creating high fashion garments that stand out for their superior quality and softness, comparable to fresh wool.

In addition to the classics, Fil-3 has been able to conquer the market with innovative products such as the “Moon”, made of pure silk. This yarn, with its natural shine and rustic appearance. won the hearts of stylists and designers. It has become synonymous with luxury and refinement, perfect for garments that require a touch of timeless elegance.

Not least is the “Sun”, made of the highest quality cotton. This lightweight, breathable yarn has become a must-have for summer projects and casual wear. Its freshness and resistance make it ideal for creating comfortable and fashionable garments, suitable for any occasion.

Both the Moon and the Sun can be used for all seasons.

In conclusion, Fil-3’s most sampled items represent a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Thanks to their superior quality and versatility, they continue to inspire the creativity of anyone who tries their hand at the art of spinning and weaving.