GRS, GOTS, RWS – They don’t help our commitment

In a world increasingly attentive to the sustainability and traceability of products, the GRS, GOTS and RWS certification bodies have become fundamental reference points for many companies operating in the textile sector. However, the complexity of the requirements imposed by these certification bodies is becoming increasingly difficult for many companies to satisfy.

Not only the certifying bodies, but also large distribution groups such as Inditex, impose unattainable limits and too strict rules. All of this makes the situation extremely difficult for companies trying to meet the required standards.

⚠ It’s important to understand that these companies, like ours, are in the hands of certifying bodies and large distribution groups, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to operate in a context where the required parameters are so high.

In this context, it’s important to cry out for help and ask for greater support from certifying bodies and large distribution groups.

We should work together and be cohesive to find sustainable and reasonable solutions that allow companies to meet the required standards, without compromising their economic survival. Only in this way can we create a more sustainable and just world for all.