Interview on La Spola – FIL-3, ready to restart

The interview with our Giacinto Gelli on the latest issue of La Spola.
“As pioneers in online, the digital acceleration of the pandemic has certainly not caught Fil-3 off guard.”


“The textile industry in general and, in particular, the spinning sector, has lived through many crises, but this one is definitely unique, as it cannot be solved by entrepreneurial spirit alone and is bound to leave lasting scars.
But those who have spent a lifetime among textile machinery and raw materials and are passionate about their job do not give in so easily.
Such is the case of Fil-3, ready to go again, starting from trade shows and continuing in the direction of sustainability, customer service and certifications such as GRS (Global Recycle Standard), GOTS (Global Organic ‘textile Standard) and RWS (Responsible Wool Standard): the 4Sustainability spot checks on raw materials and yarns continue as well.
The company’s future, in order to forget the recent past and return to the “before Covid-19” normality, begins at Filo, with a collection adapting to the changes brought by the pandemic and the fruit of an in-depth study on what people expect after a health crisis: a capsule collection based on colours that have an effect on the human mind. Less tones, more attention and a different-than-usual presentation.
As pioneers of the online frontier, the acceleration of digital transformation brought about by the pandemic has not caught Fil-3 unprepared: “We were among the first to launch the collection online on our company’s website -Managing Director Giacinto Gelli says- and to stay in contact with customers through the Net. We’re also ready for presentations via Internet in case of further cancellations of trade shows“.
A pandemic can paradoxically have some positive consequences too: the cost of raw materials. “Wool will cost lessGelli concludes- so our price list will remain unchanged and there might even be some price cuts“.

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