La Spola – Interview with our Giacinto Gelli

“New year and new choices for Fil-3, which enters 2023 after reviewing some positions on the brands that testify to the company’s sustainability. Certifications and controls that are becoming increasingly complex, bordering on the impossible for those who sell a product with regenerated and therefore with many fibers, many colors and many different suppliers.

Mixed compositions, each different from the other, which oblige inspectors and controlled ones to move in a myriad of labyrinths made up of microscopes and laboratory machinery: “We are at the point where we are being asked to trace payments from both customers and suppliers, we don’t know to cross-check which data” says Giacinto Gelli, CEO of the company who for years has started the path towards many certifications with conviction. A path that could go as far as
Belgium: “There is a need – continues Gelli – for someone to create our own lobby in Brussels, to make politicians understand our needs and our requests and also to protect us, otherwise in the long run it will be better to burn recycled material than to reuse it. Prato is the most important district for this type of processing. Confindustria Moda is already doing something but it’s really time to say enough, while it seems that we are moving towards a further list of dyes not to be used”.

But 2023 is also a year of confirmations, starting with numbers and products; alongside the summer collection, Fil-3 has thought of the furnishing sector with an article in wool and wool-linen particularly suitable for the northern European market. But the novelties also concern carded with natural fibers such as pure wool or wool with silk, all remaining on a high or medium-high range.

And around the corner there are fairs, starting with Filo, where Fil-3 has always been present, and the Istanbul Yarn Fair, to find a space even in the difficult Turkish market.”