Let’s talk about pure wool – Certifications and availability

Our new collection features a selection of items that stand out for their quality and sustainability.

The main feature of this line is the presence of numerous RWS articles, a very important certification for wool that guarantees respect for animal welfare and sustainable practices.

Among these articles, three names stand out: Jaganda, Fishanda and Prince. Made with pure wool, these items have been greatly appreciated for their unique characteristics and their versatility in creating different works.

But among all of them, there is a product that stands out for its particularity: our Wolf.
In addition to being a wool blend (45% virgin wool • 55% polyester), the Wolf is characterized by double certification, RWS and GRS.
This means that not only does it comply with animal welfare and environmental sustainability standards, but it is also made with recycled materials, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact.

Our yarns are available with new and intriguing color variations.

We have worked with passion to create a range of colors that is able to satisfy the needs of our most creative and demanding customers.

We hope you find inspiration in using our articles to create unique and sustainable masterpieces.