Pay attention to the micronage of the wool

One of our flagship products is the iconic Fisher / Fishanda, known to most for its countless uses.

The value of this product is to be found not only in its versatility, but also and above all in the micronage: to understand each other, the lower the micron, the better the product that comes from it.

Our Fisher is sold at 27 microns, reaching maximum peaks of 27 and a half, an indicator of excellent quality.

However, we realized that many competitors in the world of yarns boast an illusory quality equal to ours, with a micron rating higher than 28 and a half, thus allowing themselves lower selling prices.

It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the characteristics of the yarn you are looking for.
A lower price is not necessarily an indication of a convenient purchase, far from it.

In summary, it is preferable to choose the product we are looking for based on its quality (microns, as in this case), and not based on its price.