Personal growth and a sense of closeness

The way in which the current crisis is affecting all economic sectors and individual families leaves no one indifferent, both from a human and purely fiscal point of view.

The type of yarn produced by Fil-3 continues to have a good market: wool, linen, mixed or pure, remain the cornerstones of fashion and the production of small and large brands.
Despite the global economic situation, the demand for our products is constantly evolving, certainly difficult to follow, but always active.

We therefore try not to give up, fighting day by day, and to help our customers where possible.
For this reason, in our small way and in full compliance with the current crisis, we are trying to contain the costs that can be taxed upon purchase, including the energy ticket; in fact, during the month of October we managed to significantly reduce it compared to the previous one.
Our ultimate aim would be to be able to eliminate it by the end of 2022.

It is a simple hope at the moment, but we hope, by talking about it, to turn on that light in you too that should never abandon our paths.