Prince Compact and Queen, the Two Rulers of Winter Yarns!

Today, let’s immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of two yarns that have won the hearts of many: Prince Compact and Queen.

We begin our textile adventure with the majestic Prince Compact, a fine yarn with a metric number (n/m) of 1/40 and a remarkable fineness of 19.5 microns.

Composed entirely of wool, this yarn comes in two versions: one RWS certified, thus guaranteeing the responsible origin of the raw material, and one non-certified.

Its versatility makes it ideal for creating refined clothing, elegant accessories and furnishing details that convey timeless elegance.

With a range of colors ranging from classic raw to sophisticated melange shades and the depth of dyed yarns, the Prince Compact offers infinite creative possibilities for every textile project.

But that’s not all: the majestic Queen, with a metric number (n/m) of 1/60, is a true queen of softness, even if not RWS certified.

Also made of wool, this wonder stands out for its mouliné patterns, which give a touch of originality and liveliness to any knitting project.

Perfect for creations that require a light but resistant yarn, combining style and comfort in a single garment.