RAPpresentando – the most sampled yarns!

Our new collection continues to give satisfaction!

During RAPpresentando, held last week (8 and 9 March 2023), we encountered a good turnout and different preferences from the FILO fair.

The most sampled in RAP were the worsted hollow spindle, Harris, Shetland, Ness, Piccadilly, Astrakhan, and Victoria.

“Worsted hollow spindle yarns are obtained through a spinning process that uses both the worsted and the hollow spindle techniques.

The manufacturing process begins with the selection of high-quality fibers, such as long-staple cotton or virgin wool. The fibers are then carded and combed to remove impurities and shorter fibers, resulting in a more uniform and stronger yarn.

Subsequently, the yarn undergoes a spinning process which gives the yarn greater strength, a smooth and uniform finish, and greater absorbency.

Thanks to their resistance and smooth finish, these products maintain their beauty and quality even after numerous washes and uses.”

A point of reference, therefore, thanks to their quality and their versatility.
These yarns are the perfect choice for creating elegant and comfortable garments, suitable for both work and leisure, but not only: thanks to their softness and resistance, they are ideal for high-quality and long-lasting, unique and original creations .

We will present it to you soon!