REACH at the door – complexity and problems

On February 3, the restriction, which we had already talked about, will come into force, which limits the quantity of Apeos to 100 ppm for all those items not produced with fully recycled raw materials.
This restriction creates many difficulties, given that, to date, there are still recycled products that gravitate around 400 ppm.
As we know, the technical management of the constraint can be overcome in two cases: with a production based 100% on recycled fibers, or with a destination of use of the products that excludes washing in water.

After the appeal launched by several of us, the ministries confirmed their interest in the subject, also recalling the complications that derive from it, such as complexity and length of the modification process.
But that’s not enough.
Confindustria is therefore considering having a study carried out on the behavior of wool fibers, demonstrating their ability to “bind” to Apeos and prevent their release into the water, eliminating the problem of the limit threshold and facilitating all producers.

Given the economic situation of the sector, the hope is that Confindustria’s intent will become reality, giving everyone the opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief.