The eco-sustainable fiber: Tencel in our yarns

Rustic – Elegance, born from the harmony of linen and tencel, is made up of extraordinary features linked to the most sustainable cellulosic fiber of all, the tencel.
Environmentally friendly, it is a biodegradable product.
Its manufacture does not produce harmful by-products for health or for the planet, while cellulose, its main ingredient, is obtained from forests managed with respect for the environment. But it does not end here:
Absorbs moisture
This type of fabric has better moisture absorption than cotton (including natural perspiration).
Many people prefer this fiber because it allows different pieces to be made without sacrificing the quality of the final article.
Perfect for sensitive skin

Its absorbency keeps the skin dry.

To sublimate these characteristics, we remember its adaptability in our Rustic – Elegance: it is the ideal product for nostalgic vintage lovers who do not want to lose sight of current trends!