The new Textile Exchange standard is coming: let’s hold on tight

The textile sector is facing a moment of profound transformation.
The next standard will once again redefine practices and responsibilities in our industry.

It is a pivotal moment for all of us, and if we are to make a difference, we must stand firm and act as a cohesive force.

The perfect storm is on the horizon. We are aware of the challenges that await us: from environmental sustainability to the protection of workers’ rights. But if we come together and work together, we can face these challenges with determination and resilience.

We cannot allow influential lobbies and individual interests to prevail over the common good. We must oppose any attempt to hinder progress and preserve the interests of companies at the expense of sustainability and ethics. To do this, it is vital that all trade associations come together, putting aside differences and working towards a common goal.

Collaboration between trade associations will be our bulwark against the approaching storm.
We must share knowledge, experience and best practices, seeking to overcome divisions that may be hindering our progress. Only through unity can we face the challenges ahead and build a sustainable future for the textile sector.

An opportunity to show the world that we are ready to make a difference and lead positive change.