Weekly collection – a presentation out of the ordinary

We will show you all our news, including the Home Style Collection, through several videos, separated by yarn category, together with our Francesco!
He will be the narrator-agent of all presentations: he himself, in flesh and blood (digital), ready to tell you about the beauty of our products.
Furthermore, in order not to forget the value of interpersonal relationships that have always characterized this type of activity, a demonstration book with all the new yarns will be sent to our customers, so that they will be able to follow and ascertain everything described in the video.
Even if it will not be a direct one, we will always have the possibility to answer any question.
Just write to us, or comment on our posts on social pages!

Why did we choose this path?

In order not to lose sight of human contact, but also to keep the digital path high.
Digitization is now a fundamental fulcrum for the history of our company, very important in every situation, and for this reason absolutely necessary to be able to simulate that closeness that we have been forced to avoid for too long.

The Weekly Collection and the Home Style Collection await you between 6 and 9 April!