Certifications – unnecessary bureaucracy and high costs

Our company is always happy to communicate the goals achieved, especially when it comes to new and important certifications.
They are undoubtedly fundamental, of immense value especially as regards the care and protection of the environment.

But how nerve-wracking can a simple renewal process become?
Or the application for a TC (Transaction Certificates)?

A long and not inexpensive bureaucratic process is required for each application.
According to the biblical times required for obligatory bureaucracy, we should not be able to place orders on time, but fortunately (if I can say so) the requests for products with GRS, for example, are much less than unbranded ones.

Now, a doubt arises spontaneously: is it possible that Confindustria cannot intervene in this regard?
That it is not able to lighten the bureaucracy required that does not justify the high costs?