Proposte – The MADE IN ITALY furniture fair

Proposte is the furniture fair that was held on 26, 27 and 28 April 2022 in Cernobbio and in which we at Fil-3 participated as visitors.

During the exhibition we had the opportunity to meet many of our customers, and to see the trend of the most requested products for this market.

Many of them have decided to triple the demand for pure wool yarns, such as Lord, and pure linen, such as Linum, to create splendid upholstery fabrics for sofas, armchairs and curtains.

Among our buyers on display, all were extremely happy with the hollow spindle items, such as Piccadilly and Shetland, and the classic buttons, such as Bristol, Rugby and Cardiff.

But the two most sought after yarns of all are Fishanda and Milord, two timeless classics of our collections.

Thanks to these days of the fair, we had the certainty that investing in the growing furnishing sector was a well-considered and constantly evolving choice.