Cobat TEXTILE Consortium – the importance of joining it

Today we talk about the importance of the Cobat TESSILE Consortium.

It is essential to be aware of our limits, but also of our possibilities, and the more we are aware of them, the stronger we will become in facing every challenge.

“Cobat spa, the largest circular economy platform in Italy has set up Cobat TESSILE, the Italian voluntary consortium for the collection, treatment and recovery of end-of-life textile products.
The Consortium’s mission is to make producers, users and importers of products made of fabric and waste resulting from production activities protagonists of the circular economy, transforming their end-of-life products into new raw materials or energy.

Cobat TEXTILE helps member companies to pursue sustainable development that benefits not only the environment, but also the entire national economic system, reducing waste and generating new raw materials, guided by the values ​​of transparency, efficiency, and sustainability.
“The establishment of Cobat TESSILE – said the president Maurizio Sarti – responds to the new challenges that the company is setting itself up. Thanks to the Cobat Platform, heir to a history of over thirty years, matured with the management of a variety of supply chains, the newborn consortium resiliently faces changes in regulations and the market, able to innovate through the circular economy “.

For more info, visit the Cobat TESSILE Consortium website.