Interview – Fil-3 chases recovery

Interview with our Giacinto Gelli on La Spola:

The business is back on track, but delivery time is getting longer and longer and spinning mills are nowhere to be found. Among the many post-pandemic effects there is also a brake on economic recovery, which has revealed itself in all its harshness; with a ris-ing need for raw materials and the backlog of orders.
“There is a great demand for our products, such as carded and combed yarns Giacinto Gelli. the MD of Fil-3 says – but deliv-ery time is four to five weeks, compared with the previous three weeks. And we are not really that much behind schedule com-pared to others, because we were able to secure supplies of raw materials ahead of time, but the problem is finding processing facilities, spinning and spooling mills”. They had an excellent start to 2022, but there are still a few uncertainties that remain for the summer months: “We enjoyed a boom in March – Gelli says – even for the carded and combed yarns. Less material for the ready-to-wear is being shipped from China and I ant optimistic about September and October”.
Another issue that they have to face, whether they like it or not, is the increase in the cost of energy and, consequently, in price lists: “With the increase in the cost of gas, electric energy and raw materials, we had no choice but to adjust prices ourselves– as the MD of the Montemurlo-based company that took part in a trade show in Istanbul and will be attending Filo with some new developments in the summer collection explains- but customers were understanding and nobody reacted negatively As far as the raw materials are concerned, it is not a matter of wool or silk, but rather of polyester and nylon”.
Then come the certifications, a mixed blessing for Fil-3: “We firmly believe in the course we have set – Gelli concludes – but sometimes we have the feeling that we are going round in round in circles, never reaching the finishing line. Those who represent us within the associations need to start fighting to make things easier for us and streamline the bureaucracy”.