Eco-sustainability between Prato and Holland, through Milan

Fil3 is now known to be a strong supporter of the ReMo project (REcycling MOvement), a factor that has become the foundation for our productions and our quality.

Thanks to your support in following our initiatives and our commitment to the constant desire to innovate and renew, Fil3 has been invited to an event organized in Milan, whose focal point is Ecosostenibility and where we will talk specifically about ReMo.
Appealed and managed by the Dutch Embassy, our invitation is due to our constant interest in eco-sustainable resources and productions, nowadays fundamental and underlying Projects such as ReMo.
With us will also be the Councilor of Prato Daniela Toccafondi, all will be held tomorrow at the Triennale Design Museum, Friday 23 June 2017.


We will keep you up to date!