Fil3 and ReMo at Triennale of Milan, with Holland

On Friday 23/06 Fil3 was present at the Milan Triennale meeting on the occasion of the visit of the Dutch Real Family.
It was an exciting and satisfying meeting, both for us and for Prato Daniela Toccafondi, who is also present at the event.

Our ReMo brand products have been greatly appreciated, both for the quality of our products per se and because we have been able to communicate and explain the actual savings on water, energy and CO2, and the resulting gain in terms of eco-sustainability Without giving up on excellence.
To our guests, and to all those present, we have donated ties of our production, each with a label where specifically described what our company has managed to save on production based on the ReMo project.
There could also be no QR Code, enrichment useful to the personalities present to read the traceability of our chain at any time.
La Spola writes about us: