Loved and chosen # 3 – F/W 2023-24

Today we will tell you about our Lini melange: Lido, Lione, Linum Jaspè, Rustic & Elegance.

You know them well, and they represent one of the most innovative parts of our production.
For example, Rustic and Elegance, born from the harmony of linen and tencel, are characterized by an extraordinary resistance linked to tencel, the most sustainable synthetic fiber of all.
Their peculiarities are able to give the fabric that much sought after aspect, with an always harmonious result.
Lidò and Linum Jaspè, evergreen in continuous updating, are never banal and constantly moving melange linens, capable of meeting any kind of taste or request.
Lyon, on the other hand, is a new entry, with the characteristics of the most popular linens, but also with some more peculiarities.

We can’t wait to show you the new collection!

Stay tuned for more!