Loved and chosen #4 – F/W 2023-24

Some yarns never go out of style.

An example? The buttons, ideal for rediscovering that elegance of other times that never seems to go out of fashion; they are among the most popular yarns of our new collection, both for big brands and for small and medium-sized companies.

They are particular in that they are characterized by the superficial presence of small colored spheres, the “buttons”, that is small lumps of fibers that can be different in color or maintain the same shades of the base yarn.

The best use of these products, such as Texas, Cardiff, Bott27, Hockey, Bristol and Rugby, is to be found in the creation of classic or casual clothes, without forgetting the furniture category and the accessories section, including blankets, scarves, and elements of various kinds.

We can’t wait to show you the new collection!

Stay tuned for more!