MILAN UNICA 37 starts today!

After the Parisian fair of Première Vision, the Prato district lands today in Milan for the 37th edition of MILANO UNICA, scheduled until Thursday.

This eagerly awaited event showcases the latest fashion trends for the autumn-winter collection, and is an unmissable showcase for the textile sector.

The Prato district stands out for its excellence in the production of yarns, and the presence of these magnificent creations is a tangible testimony of our commitment and our mastery; our wide range of yarns will be one of the protagonists of this exhibition.

Among our flagship items, the ones made with carded carded yarns stand out, which offer unparalleled elegance and softness. The careful and accurate processing of these precious fibers gives our fabrics a refined look and a pleasant sensation to the touch.

But we don’t stop there. Our assortment also includes worsted weight yarns, perfect for making fine, high-quality garments. The combing of the yarns allows for the elimination of the shorter and irregular fibers, obtaining a uniform and highly valuable final product.

And let’s not forget about the hollow-spindle patterns. This manufacturing technique gives a unique and refined look. Hollow spindle patterns create weaving and texture effects that further enrich our fabrics, giving them a unique and distinctive personality.