The next trends according to Fil-3


Identifying the trends for the next exhibitions is not easy.
Trends every year vary based on multiple factors, from color shades, to the versatility of the material, and numerous other variables.

This year, however, we have reason to believe in a product well known to many and appreciated by most: the buttoned yarn.
The buttoned is a type of yarn that lends itself perfectly to the creation of many dresses and accessories, with the most varied colors, making the most of classic cuts as much as modern ones, and more.

Take for example our Texas and Cardiff: they are two buttons with a unique and extraordinary style.
Cardiff, made up of virgin wool and silk, can be defined as “rich”, ideal for elegant productions.
Texas, on the other hand, could be defined as the humble brother of the first: its composition, similar to the previous one but with the addition of polyester and acrylic, makes it a very economical product, perfect for more casual clothes.
In addition to them, we can remember Rugby, whose extraordinary softness allows it to be used also in the production of blankets, scarves, and accessories of various kinds.

In short, a single product, an infinite number of alternatives.

And do you agree?